Vissza a Szakmai kapcsolatok oldalra


Asian Financial Cooperation Association (hereinafter referred to as “AFCA”) is a regional non-governmental and non-profit organization, with the philosophy of “Connectivity, Cooperation, Joint Governance and Shared Benefits”. AFCA is devoted to building an exchange and cooperation platform for Asian financial institutions, strengthening exchanges among regional financial institutions and financial resources integration, jointly safeguarding regional financial stability, and supporting the development of real economy in the region. Meanwhile, AFCA is aimed at facilitating joint governance with shared benefits for all members through sound governance structure and institutional arrangement.

With its foothold in Asia, AFCA follows the philosophy of openness and inclusiveness. AFCA’s members are primarily financial institutions, financial industry associations, relevant professional service agencies and influential executives and senior experts in Asian countries and regions. Meanwhile, similar financial institutions and experts beyond Asia are also welcomed to join AFCA. Up to now, 107 financial institutions from 27 countries and regions in Asia, America, Europe, Africa and Oceania have confirmed to join AFCA as founding members, covering banking, security, insurance, fund, assets management, financial education, financial services and other sectors. Institutions and experts in Asia and beyond with influence as well as willingness to comply with AFCA’s Articles are welcomed to join AFCA.

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