Who are we?

BankszövetségThe Hungarian Banking Association is the professional advocacy association of the Hungarian banking sector, coordinating and representing the views of the banking community. The Association establishes committees and working groups involving professionals from member banks to develop common positions.

The Association's activities include

  • representing the banking sector's interests,
  • technical consultations
  • participating in the drafting of legislation
  • cooperating with fellow professional associations and NGOs
  • operating technical committees and working groups
  • operating an Ethics Committee
  • coordination and technical consultations during the drafting of government decisions
  • participating in the decision-making processes of the European Banking Federation (EBF)
  • implementing the EBF's positions
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The Hungarian Banking Association held its Annual General Meeting earlier today. At the meeting, Finance Minister Mihály Varga informed participants about the outlook for the Hungarian economy, while Csaba Kandrács, Deputy Governor of the National Bank of Hungary (MNB), briefed attendants about the future vision for the Hungarian economy. The Members of the Hungarian Banking Association agreed to publish the following statement. Looking back over the past year, in our efforts to defend oursel...
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Almost immediately after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, Hungarian banks reacted to the humanitarian crisis by taking measures to help refugees in Ukraine. Support provided by banks and action taken: Helping Ukrainian citizens to open accounts and perform bank transactions, providing information in their mother tongue in some banks. Several banks have introduced special services, including the exchange of Ukrainian hryvnias into Hungarian forints in designated branches, up to a certai...
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The explosively growing digital world has become very attractive to cybercriminals. Attackers use sophisticated tricks or promises to scam money or valuable financial information. Yet it's hard to believe that fraudsters are now working on an industrial scale to cause us harm – until, that is, we get personally affected. In recent days, a successful international police operation in Latvia and Lithuania has seen 108 people arrested for a multi-million Euro call centre scam. A short video p...
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Dear colleagues, We are reaching out to you with an urgent invitation to support the European banks for Ukraine solidarity campaign launched today. We are aware and appreciate that your members may already have done a lot, but the simple reality is that much more help is urgently needed. This initiative by the European Banking Federation (EBF) together with the Polish Bank Association and the Hungarian Banking Association aims to mobilize further donations from banks to where they are need...
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Hungarian Banking Association GOOD DEED (JÓTETT) Bank - GREEN HEART Programme With a GREE HEART and the diligence of bees for a greener future At the initiative of the Hungarian Banking Association, the Hungarian banking sector has planted 3 trees for each bank employee, a total of 120 000 saplings, for a more sustainable future. Dr. István Nagy, Minister of Agriculture, personally welcomed the "GOOD DEED Bank - GREEN HEART" initiative, and presented certificates of recognition to key s...
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