Who are we?

BankszövetségThe Hungarian Banking Association is the professional advocacy association of the Hungarian banking sector, coordinating and representing the views of the banking community. The Association establishes committees and working groups involving professionals from member banks to develop common positions.

The Association's activities include

  • representing the banking sector's interests,
  • technical consultations
  • participating in the drafting of legislation
  • cooperating with fellow professional associations and NGOs
  • operating technical committees and working groups
  • operating an Ethics Committee
  • coordination and technical consultations during the drafting of government decisions
  • participating in the decision-making processes of the European Banking Federation (EBF)
  • implementing the EBF's positions
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PRESS RELEASE   It is in the interest of all economic actors to recover from the economic recession. The banking sector is well prepared to play its core role in this process, including, in particular, the preservation of trust in financial markets and among investors, while continuing to fight inflation and fund the economy in a sustainable way. At their meeting on Monday, Márton Nagy, Minister of Economic Development and the Board of the Hungarian Banking Association reviewed the financia...
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Budapest, September 7, 2023 – The Ministry of Economic Development and the Hungarian State Treasury have joined the CyberShield project. The National Bank of Hungary (MNB), the Banking Association, the National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH), the National Cybersecurity Center - National Cyber Security Institute (NBSZ-NKI), the National Police Headquarters (ORFK), the Ministry of Interior (IM), and the University of Public Service (SzTFH) have formed a collaborative educational and...
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The Hungarian Banking Association held its Annual General Meeting earlier today. At the meeting, Mihály Varga, Minister of Finance, informed participants about the state of the Hungarian economy and the budgetary outlook, while Csaba Kandrács, Deputy Governor of the National Bank of Hungary (MNB), informed participants about current monetary policy challenges. Anikó Túri, State Secretary of the Ministry of Economic Development, summarised the challenges of economic development going ahead. At th...
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The Hungarian National Bank (MNB), the Hungarian Banking Association, the National Media and Inforcommunacions Authority (NMHH), the National Security Service-National Cybersecurity Institute (NBSZ-NKI) and the National Police Headquarters(ORFK) have launched a joint educational and communication cooperation called CyberShield (KiberPajzs), which was previously joined by the Ministry of Justice and today is also joined by the Regulatory Activities Authority. Against digital financial criminals i...
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