The Banking Management and Banking Operations has been published

Banking Operations, Bank Management (editors: Levente Kovács, Erika Marsi)


Catching a Glimpse into the Book

The Handbook for Practicing Bankers on Banking Management and Banking Operations was published in late 2018 and fills a gap in current banking/financial literature.

The world around us, the economy is developing more and more dynamically. Financial processes have sped up due to digitalization and technological innovation. Clients’ needs and expectations have grown, services have become more diverse, geographical barriers have disappeared and the pace at which both international and domestic legislation changes has quickened. Because of this banking operations are also changing, taking on new forms and using new instruments. The Handbook aims to introduce these changes, thereby filling this niche in the available professional literature

As co-editor, I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in and open to the applied financial knowledge and the financial culture of our times. 

Cycle Changing Years and Biographies

A book of interviews with the Chief Executive Officers of our member banks, published at the General Meeting of 2017. The book includes a study and refers to the period of 2015-2016. 

This publication is currently only available in Hungarian.

Access the book's Hungarian version here

Hungary’s Link to Financial Cooperation with Asia by János Müller & Levente Kovács (Compendium)

A special issue of the Financial and Economic Review on China (vol. 16, issued January 2017), which includes an article by Dr. Levente Kovács and János Müller.  

Access the article here.

Competition and Data Exchange (Experience gained from the so-called BankAdat case) by Gábor Gadó

This content is only available in Hungarian.

The History of the Hungarian Banking Association

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Credit Institutions Glossary (Hungarian)

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The Hungarian banking system over the past quarter of a century

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