Economy and Finance

Dear Reader,

You can read a new professional journal entitled Economy & Finance.

We believe that the economy and the financial sector are interdependent.

Just as the success of one drives the other forward, so failure also drags the other down. It is particularly important, therefore, to publish studies and research in these two fields within a single trade journal.

Hungary’s leading associations and stakeholders with an interest in finance cooperate in the publication of this journal: the Hungarian Banking Association, the National Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers, the Confederation of Hungarian Employers and Industrialists, the Budapest Stock Exchange and the Central Clearing House (KELER). In this way, we can ensure a broad range of articles on the economy and finance that complement and enhance each other. 

Economy & Finance will be published quarterly in Hungarian and English. The print version will be sent to the most important financial, economic, scientific and political stakeholders, while subscription will be open to everyone. Issues will also be available for download in electronic form on the publishers’ websites.

We hope readers will find the articles stimulating and interesting, and feedback will always be more than welcome. The main objective of our journal is to create a useful forum for practical professionals. To this end, we recognize that we must continuously improve, and that your help will be needed for us to achieve this goal.

The Members of the Editorial Board:

Benedek József
Berlinger Edina
Bod Péter Ákos
Csaba László
Csekő Imre
Győri Máté
Kocziszky György
Magyar István
Móra Mária
Pandurics Anett
Perlusz László
Száz János
Veresné dr. Somosi Marian
Taras Savchenko
Yang Zaiping

Kovács Levente Marsi Erika
Chairman of the Editorial Board Editor in Chief

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