June 2020/Issue 2 ( Volume 7 ) Economy and Finance ( GEP )



János Száz: Keynes and the interpretation of probability versus the use of probability theory in option pricing

Péter Medvegyev: On the economic interpretation of probability theory

Imre Szabó: Classical economics and happenstance

Zoltán Zémán: Did Keynes' logical theory of probability have impact on economic thinking? Review and comment to the paper by Iván Bélyácz - Katalin Daubner

Melinda Friesz-Kira Muratov-Szabó Andrea-Kata Váradi: The stress tests of central counterparties in the case of separate default funds - Planning the default fund and calculating its size

Tímea Ölvedi: An overview of peer-to-peer lending

Márta Aranyossy-Eszter Kulcsár: Blended learning in practice: the impact of an economic simulation game on perceived learning


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