March 2020/Issue 1 (Volume 7) Economy and Finance (GEP)

Table of Contents

Iván Bélyácz – Katalin Daubner: Logical probability, uncertainty, investment decisions - Did Keynes’s logical theory of probability have impact on economic thinking?

Péter Juhász: Risk analysis in corporate financial modelling

László Árva – Szabolcs Pásztor – Victoria Pyatanova: Some thoughts on the relationship between multinational corporation strategies and the changing patterns of international trade - The Geographical Optimization Principle

Eszter Kazinczy: Growth potential for private banking in Hungary

Ernő Huszti: Ideas from the history of domestic fiscal policy - Questions and answers based on the monograph of Csaba Lentner

Levente Kovács – Ágnes Sütő: On improving financial literacy

Book Review: Levente Kovács – Elemér Terták: Financial Literacy – Theory and Evidence (Zsolt Pál)

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