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International Training Center for Bankers

The International Training Center for Bankers (ITCB) is a key market player in the domestic education of banking training. Besides its ever-expanding educational profile, which includes special banking and risk management courses, ITCB offers several programs such as nationally accredited professional qualifications, diplomas and internationally accredited banking and investment analysis programs. ITCB regularly organizes professional conferences creating a platform to discuss issues currently affecting the banking sector.

Consulting is the other main profile of ITCB: the institution is market leader of the banking consulting companies in Hungary, specialized to provide business, strategic and risk management solutions for credit and financial institutions. As a domestic pioneer of Basel II regulatory consulting, it supports the implementation of credit and operational risk projects.

ITCB's experts are also active at international level: they regularly teach stock market and banking subjects, hold lectures at banking groups active throughout Europe, and in addition provide consulting services beyond our borders. ITCB effectively combines theoretical and practical knowledge in its trainings, which is the key factor of successful courses.

ITCB is constantly expanding its range of e-learning repository; when preparing modular trainings, experts combine ITCB’s more than 30 years’ training experience, i.e., the knowledge of recognized, traditional classroom trainings with the latest international e-learning methodologies. Variety extends from a short, like few hours’ courses to trainings providing qualification; thus, everyone can find the most suitable training.

Areas of cooperation:

ITCB and the Hungarian Banking Association cooperate in many professional fields (for example: educational tasks, HunOR - Hungarian Operational Risk Database, Economy and Finance – Gazdaság és Pénzügy).

Contact details:
International Training Center for Bankers Ltd.
Address: 1011 Budapest, Szalag utca 19
Phone: (36-1) 224-0700
Fax: (36-1) 201-1330

EFPA Hungary Nonprofit Kft. was established in 2009 by the main interest organizations representing the banking, insurance and investment market - the Hungarian Banking Association, Association of Hungarian Insurance Companies (MABISZ), Association of Hungarian Investment Fund and Asset Management Companies (BAMOSZ), the Hungarian Association of Investment Service Providers (BSZSZ) and the International Training Center for Bankers (ITCB). The aim wasto adopt the financial advisory, financial planning training and examination systems in Hungary in accordance with the international standards, including the establishment and development of the professional and ethical standards in the field of financial advice and planning. During the year of 2020, the Budapest Institute of Banking Ltd (BIB) also joined the organization.

EFPA Hungary as a member of the European Financial Planning Association (EFPA) is entitled to accredit vocational training programs and training institutions and to certify financial advisors and planners in accordance with EFPA standards. Presently, it offers the Qualified Investment Adviser training program for those advising or selling financial and investment products and, based on that, the European Financial Adviser training course ideal for both advising prominent retail clients and for private bankers. The ESG Advisory Training course has been available since 2021, where participants are able to learn the characteristics, regulations and practices of sustainable financial investments. The organization maintains a publicly accessible register of the candidates who have successfully completed the accredited training.

EFPA Hungary Nonprofit Kft.
Address: 1011 Budapest, Szalag Str. 19.
Phone: +36 1 224 0703