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Budapest Institute of Banking (BIB) Ltd.

CEO: Gergely Fábián


The foundation of the Budapest Institute of Banking (BIB) is rooted in the matching of market needs with the social responsibility objectives of the the Magyar Nemzeti Bank (the Central Bank of Hungary) and the Budapesti Értéktőzsde (Budapest Stock Exchange). Continuing professional development is getting ever higher emphasis even in the banking sector. Complex regulatory requirements for market stability, digitalisation and the need for higher competitiveness all result in a combination of employer and personal motivation for further education.

Our mission and motto titled 'Edutainment for the future!' is inspired by the goals to achieve our ambitions in top-quality education and to be an internationally recognized institute. BIB’s mission has been based on two pillars, just like the Chain Bridge in our logo. The first pillar is high professional quality of our trainers, lecturers and educational partner institutions, while the other pillar is edutainment which not only makes learning more fun for participants, but it is also a more effective way of knowledge transfer.

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