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2021. July 06.

Announcement of the Hungarian Banking Association concerning the payment moratorium

The Hungarian Banking Association agrees with and supports the recommendations set out by MNB in its management circular on 2 July regarding the waiving of bank fees related to the settlement of debt accumulated by customers whilst under the payment moratorium.

Accordingly, the HBA recommends that its member banks universally introduce the procedure already used in individual cases, whereby they refrain from charging early repayment or contract amendment fees when a customer is repaying interest and/or fees accumulated during the moratorium.

In addition, it should also be generally possible for customers to be exempted from the payment of bank fees associated with the amendment of the contract in cases where the consumer agrees to pay a higher instalment with a view to reducing the extended loan term, and the new repayment instalment fulfils the 'debt brake' conditions.

Undoubtedly, the main purpose of the moratorium and, in this context, the core social function of the banking sector was to provide targeted, fast assistance to retail and business customers, in order to alleviate the payment difficulties resulting from the pandemic. We agree with measures that help maintain the solvency of borrowing customers in difficult times, and, in the improving economic situation, also support a return to the fulfilment of payment obligations.

We wish to point out, however, also in confirmation of the information issued by MNB, that those who remain under the moratorium will incur interest in respect of their debt. Therefore, we encourage everyone to resume the repayment of the instalments they had agreed to in their earlier contracts, as much as possible.

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