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2020. October 12.

New bank on the Hungarian market - information provided by the Hungarian Banking Association about the GOOD DEED Bank programme


Budapest, 12 October, 2020

The Hungarian Banking Association and the domestic banking sector have launched a joint CSR programme under the name of JÓTETT Bank [GOOD DEED Bank]. In co-operation with the National Blood Supply Service and the Hungarian Red Cross, the Hungarian Banking Association will be organizing Bank Blood Donor Week between 12-26 October for the very first time, as the starting event of the GOOD DEED Bank programme. According to Radován Jelasity, President of the Hungarian Banking Association, it is symbolic that, on the very first occasion, GOOD DEED Bank, the new charitable programme initiated by the Association's Board, shows the strength of co-operation between financial institutions during the Covid-19 pandemic: "Banks help rebuild the economy by maintaining access to credit, while, by donating blood, we aim to help people recover and prosper" – explained the President.

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