September 2022/Issue 3 (Volume 9) Economy and Finance (GEP)


Table of Contents

Gyula Főglein - Zoltán Zéman - László Pataki :  A comparative study of strategies suitable for hedging the foreign exchange rate risk of a big company

Tibor Zoltán Hajdu : Fiduciary asset management

Péter Sereg : Market surveillance by the National Bank Hungary as administrative procedure

Judit Lisák : Correlations between the outsourcing activity that can be caried out by credit institutions and the protection of personal data

Book Review
Péter Halmai: Európai gazdasági integráció [European Economic Integration]  (Szabolcs Pásztor - Szintia Tamás)

Sladjana Sredojevic - Milan Brkovic: Banking Associations - Their Role and Impact in a Time of Market Change  (Levente Kovács)

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