June 2022/Issue 2 (Volume 9) Economy and Finance (GEP)


Table of Contents

Júlia Király: From'Rajk' College to the team of the 'fifteen' - Werner Riecke's (1953-2021) professional career - My memories

István Ábel: Transition to market economy and modern monetary policy - Werner Riecke's life and achievement in Hungarion economic policy

János Száz: From the Marshall - Lerner condition to Central Asian government securities markets - Werner Riecke (1953-2021)

Judit Neményi: Two sides of a coin: monetary policy and public debt management

Tamás Tétényi: Crisis and Recovery - In memoriam Werner Riecke

Csaba László: A pioneer on route to the euro

Péter Bihari: A journey in time about debt financing

Lajos Bokros: A soft-spoken german hungarian - In memory of Werner Riecke

Gábor Oblath: Exchange rates and debt management - my professional recollections of Werner Riecke





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