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2015. June 24.

Updated Code of Conduct

Updated Code of Conduct

on the fair conduct by financial organisations

engaged in lending to the households

The Code of Conduct on the fair conduct to be exhibited towards the customers by the financial organisations engaged in lending to the households entered into force on 1 January 2010 with the aim to strengthen the trust indispensable in the relation between the household borrowers and the lenders.

2012. September 13.

Intraday Settlements System

The intraday settlements system went live on July 2, 2012.

As opposed to the T+1-day execution time in the previous system, electronic payment instructions in the new system are executed on the same day. Thus, the customer receives the money one day earlier. (All other types of payments, including direct debits and paper-based credit transfer instructions are processed in the previous system).

2012. September 13.

New Central Credit Bureau

In October 2011, Parliament passed a new and independent act on the Central Credit Bureau (Act CXII of 2011). The new legislation has re-regulated and expanded the scope of one of the most important common information systems of the Hungarian banking sector, the central credit information system. The new act has put an end to a long drawn-out issue: complementing the negative list database with positive data has been a long demand of the sector.

2010. October 2.
2008. October 2.

A Magyar Bankszövetség Elnökségének 1/2008. ajánlása

A betéti kamat, az értékpapírok hozama és a teljes hiteldíj- mutató számításáról és közzétételérıl szóló a 41/1997. (III. 5) Kormányrendelet 8. §. (4) bekezdésében foglaltak egységes kezelésére és értelmezésére.

Az Ajánlásban foglaltakat a következő bankok ismerték el magukra nézve kötelezőnek:

Allianz Bank Zrt.
Budapest Bank Nyrt.
CIB Bank Zrt.
ERSTE Bank Hungary Nyrt.
FHB Bankcsoport
K&H Zrt.